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Omo Bamboo Shop is a zero waste business based here in Toronto. We sell a range of bamboo products as well as minimalist crafts made out of cement, soaps, body butter and minimalist textured art. Our products are primarily made of bamboo because of its sustainability compared to other woods. Bamboo grows five times faster and requires less water to grow than traditional plants.

We sell a wide range of eco-friendly products  as well as offer refill programs. Since we’ve been in business, we have been able to prevent thousands of plastics from entering the ocean through our refill programs, where customers bring in their own containers and buy any products of choice by filling up their already existing containers rather than buy new products in containers.

Local Products

All our cement crafts, body butter, soaps and textured are handmade in house. We also source all our refills locally here in Canada.

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Making an Impact

As a business dedicated to sustainability and eco-conscious practices, we make a significant impact in our community by organising clothing swaps, promoting zero waste education, participating in cleanup programs, and offering affordable zero waste products. With a mission to inspire and encourage individuals to adopt a greener lifestyle, Omo Bamboo has become a leading force in promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness here in Toronto.

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Find everything Zero-Waste from Dental Hygiene to Skin & Hair Care to Crafts!

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