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Wholesale Detachable Bamboo Pot Scrubber

Wholesale Detachable Bamboo Pot Scrubber

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This natural fiber bristle pot brush is all you need for your everyday cleaning. The removable bottom further saves you from waste. Once worn out, remove the bottom and replace itg a new one while saving the top.

Designed to fit perfectly into your palm, makes it a great little brush to scrub off tough stains on pots, pans and everything in between.

High density firm sisal/palm fiber bristles make it easy to scrub out stains on a variety of surfaces, suitable for cast iron skillet, steel pots, pans and everything in between.

Made with Bamboo and Sisal, both natural plant and highly Sustainable. The bamboo handle makes for a very easy grip, letting you clean without staining your hands.

How to use
Clean with dish soap of choice and water. Let dry completely after every wash to avoid mold.

Avoid submerging in water to maximize life of brush.

Do not put in the dishwasher, always air dry.

If you have a crack, it's perfect fine, keep using until bristle falls completely apart.

Highly sustainable and eco-friendly dish scrubber.

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